What’s Involved?

Gate automation is basically a straightforward process but installing everything that is required takes both knowledge and experience to make it look good and function properly and reliably.

There are 3 main options on the type of operator for swing gate automation, consisting of underground motors, articulated arm operators and worm or hydraulic drive arms. 230V models exist and are suitable for most applications but 24V models are often more suited to intensive use.

Sliding gates are operated by a single motor with a pinion gear that moves a rack attached to the gate. Again 230V and 24V models are available.

All that is usually required is a mains supply of suitable rating available at the gate. If not already there Parkthorn Gates can incorporate this in the work they undertake.

In quoting for automation we like to come out and conduct a thorough survey which would be regarded as a requirement by the HSE in order to understand the location, expected operation and associated hazards with automation. From this we can recommend appropriate automation, type of gate, and appropriate safety systems for your installation. As you might appreciate, all installations can throw up different requirements. For this reason Parkthorn Gates do not offer “off the peg” solutions. Everything we do is bespoke and manufactured for the specific application.

Unless there is ductwork already there or you are developing a new build, your driveway will likely need excavated to allow wiring to cross over. This would be for both power if you have double swing gates and for control wiring for the safety circuits. We can undertake all of this for you or work in conjunction with your own groundworks people if you prefer.

As there are legislative issues with hinge types, finger traps and the allowable gaps around gates during operation it is advisable to consult with Parkthorn Gates, particularly if you are contemplating a new installation.

The legislation, knowledge, experience and test equipment required to safely, reliably and legally install gate automation means that it is a job for experienced and trained installers such as Parkthorn Gates.