Safety – Automated Gates

There is a great and confusing amount of legislation goes with automatic entrance ways.

Swing Gate with Photocells Both Inside and Out

Most of this comes from British interpretation of the European Machinery Directive as well as things like the Electricity at Work Act. Parkthorn Gates have the ability and the training to undertake installations to meet the legislation.

Safety Edge on Leading Edge of Sliding Gate to Detect Impact

In the past we have found that we often got called in to automate gates that were already installed. Whilst this might be fine in a domestic situation where gates can be moved on posts or raised from the ground quite easily, commercial gates are more of a problem. We would strongly advise getting in touch if you are contemplating installation of an automatic gate on commercial promises before you put pen to paper. In this way we can advise on the design criteria required before you start manufacturing and installing your gate. Of course, if you would like us to undertake all of this work for you, we would be happy to oblige.

Photocells Inside and Outside Gate as well as Safety Edge Protecting Crushing Risk Against Wall

In short ask as early in your project as you can!

Various safety features can be utilized on your gate. What is required is worked out through both the site survey which reveals lie of the land, use to which the gate will be put etc. The type of exposure to trained persons is also taken into consideration and safety features worked out in accordance with a ranking that is published by the HSE. All of this is another reason that your automatic gate should be installed by a recognized automation installer such as Parkthorn Gates.