Guide To Intercoms For Gates

A variety of types of intercom are available to suit different requirements and different budgets.

Most can give integrated keypads as an option, with some being able to forward calls on to a second telephone should the first not be answered.

Video Intercoms

Video intercoms are available in black and white or colour.

Browse through the following guide to understand more about each option, then call for advise should you need it.

Video Intercom With 6 Call Buttons for Communal Gates.

 Radio Intercoms

These communicate via radio waves and require almost line of sight between your gate and house. The call point at the gate rings a dedicated handset in the house and you can have additional handsets for upstairs or in an outhouse should you require. These additional handsets would also require line of sight communication, otherwise the reception becomes unreliable. Compared to other types they also have a limited range.

The control panel would be situated at your entrance and can be either battery powered, mains powered or even solar powered if you think it’s sunny enough where you live!

Wired Intercoms

Wired intercoms, as their name would suggest, have wiring leading from the entrance way to the dedicated handsets in your house. Most video systems are done this way, with certain wiring being chosen according to the distance the cable has to run as well as the type of intercom. A number of handsets can be accommodated all with video, if this is what’s being installed. This system will give video of someone at your gate but usually requires dedicated handsets in fixed positions.

These can be supplied as standalone units or as integrated panels in different finishes.

GSM Intercoms

GSM intercoms work via a SIM card which can be either a pay as you go or on a contract. It obviously has to be situated where the particular service provider gets a reasonable signal.

These intercoms, although they don’t give video, cut down on the installation cost as no wires are be run back to the house or office.

They can be integrated with keypads for up to 50 buttons or can be supplied with a keypad to dial particular flat numbers (up to 1000). Again, in the instance of multiple flats they can be a boon due to reduced installation and maintenance costs and have the added ability to have phone numbers re-programmed should one resident move out. Various relays inside allow different codes to open different gates, for instance if deliveries only need access through a pedestrian gate and not the main vehicular entrance.