Automatic Gate Activation Explained

Automatic gates can be activated in a number of ways.

Fob Type Remote

The simplest activation, which usually comes as part of the installation is via fob type remote controls. These can be supplied with anything up to 4 channels allowing you to have one remote working 2 sets of gates and 2 garage doors or any other combination you can come up with.

Typical Remote Control for Gate Activation


Intercoms can also operate your gates from a dedicated handset in the house or office, or from your landline or even a mobile phone allowing you to open your gates to the postman even when lying on a beach abroad. All these options are dependent on the type of intercom installed of course.

GSM Intercom for 4 Houses with Coded Keypad

Induction Loops

Induction loops can be laid under your driveway if you want vehicles to exit the property without the use of remotes or keypads. These work by detecting the vehicle interfering with a magnetic field as it drives over the loop. This in turn is recognized by the sensor which opens the gate. Loops can be installed beneath a tarmac or monobloc surface and can also be installed under a gravel drive.

GSM Units

GSM units can be installed with a SIM card that work through the mobile phone network. These can be either stand alone or part of an intercom system. They work through the call recognition system that mobiles have. They open the gates if your number is programmed to be recognized by the unit, precluding opening even by those that know the gate’s SIM card number. A great way for employees to be given access and have it removed should the need arise.

Swipe Cards

Similarly, swipe card systems can be installed, most often in commercial situations and can have cards added and deleted through time, again allowing temporary access if required.

Radio Intercom with Coded Keypad

Any combination of the above can be accommodated to give you the access and restrictions to your property that you feel appropriate.

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