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Automatic Gates

Home Owners

Gate automation can add value, prestige, security and added convenience to your property.

Various types of automation are available that can accommodate most types and sizes of gate. Your existing gates can more than likely be automated or if you prefer, a complete new installation can be designed and manufactured to your specification. In both cases legislative requirements will be incorporated and the relevant testing and certification carried out by Parkthorn Gates.

Gates can operate from a multitude of connected systems. You can have them connected to various types of intercom, have automated opening through induction loops in the roadway and various types of remote control. You can even phone your gates from your mobile to open them.

Commercial Customers

If automatic entrance gates are to be incorporated into your new build or converted or maintained on you existing property, Parkthorn Gates can undertake this for you.

Automated gates add convenience and security and can be incorporated in traffic flow systems along with traffic lights, induction loops for automated opening, security control etc.

The myriad of legislative requirements associated with manufacture, testing and maintenance of automated entrances is something that we specialize in We can advise you on your obligations, particularly in line with recent HSE guidelines. Failure to comply with the requirements leaves you open to severe liability either as a specifier or a user/operator of automatic gates. We can help you through this maze.

If automated entrances are in your plans then contact us for advice or for a quote.